College grads no longer captivated by Obama's empty promises

Which way will the college grads vote for the 2012 election?

With the increase in youth unemployment as well as underemployment, and the staggering (unable to afford) student loan debt, are college grads still romanticized by Barack Obama’s “hope & change” promises?

The 2008 presidential election was won by Obama due to his charismatic ways with the youth voters.  They have even been termed the “Obama Generation”.  But is that still the case for the upcoming 2012 election?  It is reported that the recent trend is just the opposite.  Obama has given the college grads and youth a sour taste.

According to J. Jennings Moss of portfolio[dot]com, the hope and change Obama promised have long since become a punch line.  The youth is starting to realize that what he is doing in office, or lack of, has a direct effect on their futures.  “Every dollar Mr. Obama has borrowed or spent is a dollar Millennials are going to have to pay back in the years ahead, in the form of higher taxes, a more sluggish economy, or both.”- Margaret Hoover of the Wall Street Journal.

In a survey done in May 2011 by Joe Maddalone, founder of Maddalone Global Strategies, only 27 percent out of 500 post grads are committed to voting for Obama again in comparison to an overwhelming 83 percent in the 2008 election.  Out of those 500 post grads, 80 percent said they would also consider voting for a Republican.

Not only have the priorities of young voters changed since the 2008 election, but they are also seeing that Obama was full of empty promises.  Graduating into a recession, being underemployed/unemployed, and even having to move back in with parents due to financial reasons, college grads as well as soon-to-be college grads are concerned.  Where is the investment of their education?

The debt is also a concern of young voters.  I spoke with recent college graduates in the Tampa area where I work and there seems to be a consensus when it came to their concerns.  They are concerned about losing social security as well as having to take the responsibility of the irresponsible spending done during Obama’s presidency.  They are worried that student loan debt has reached 1 trillion dollars and yet they do not have jobs within their degree field.

College graduates are really feeling the brunt of the bad economic times.  They have transitioned from college life to work-force, and their priorities sure have changed.  From healthcare to job security and even the massive amount debt, it seems to be an escalating trend for Obama- College grads are turning away from Obama for the 2012 election.

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