Ai Online & EDMC: Scam Schools & Student Loan Predators

A brutally honest testimony from a soon-to-be former student of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, or "Ai Online". 

PLEASE, if you know anyone considering attending an Art Institute school, show them this video and save them the misery and suffering of ruining their lives financially. 

Don't be taken advantage of by this chain of supposed colleges. Their courses are set up not to teach you, but to hand you an A+ just for showing up to class. They will not teach you what you need to know to land and keep a well paying job and at best, their terrible job placement is only going to get you a minimum wage job. 

Their graduate employment rates are heavily distorted and dishonest. Their degrees have no respect on the job market and they will ruin your life with insurmountable student loan debt. What you are signing up for is not an education - you're signing up for indentured servitude and financial slavery.

This video, despite its intended humor, is a rallying call to students that have been victimized by The Art Institutes and the company that owns them - EDMC (Education Management Corporation). 

Please contact us at​aifraud with your story so we can add it to the complication of testimonies. There are far too many of us out there and if we simply band together we can fight these criminals. 

The Department of Justice is currently suing EDMC and we all need to speak up so that if the fraudulent company is brought to justice, we students might be paid damages for our wasted time, money and the terrible stress caused by these student loan predators.

We will use your e-mailed testimonies to make more videos and use our voice actors to literally give voice to your stories.

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